Returning Home

Every year, on the first Saturday in December, former Picher residents return to their abandon hometown to have a Christmas parade through the empty Main Street.  The people consider this to be a family reunion of sorts.

The following images are from the parade on Saturday, December 3, 2016.  There were over 70 entries in the parade and over 1000 people in attendance, most of which now live in neighboring towns. 

3-Twirler portrait Picher Xmas Parade Sabrina Staires 12.16 1206.jpg
2-The Only Way Sabrina Staires 12.16 1023.jpg
1-picher xmas parade 2016 sabrina staires 1182.jpg
8-parade street1227psd.jpg
9-Boy picher parade sabrina staires 1249.jpg
12-first fox news float 1343.jpg
15-Picher xmas parade 2016 sabrina staires 1361.jpg
10-Spectators Sabrina Staires 12.16 1236.jpg
13-picher xmas parade 2016 sabrina staires 1281.jpg